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  • nyra gill Hair Loss and baldness: Treatment and solution Hair loss is considered typically the domain of age but hair loss can affect anyone because there are many causes of hair loss. Hair loss is in both in Men and Women. Everyone shed around 100 hairs a day but shedding more than that can be a distressing development. Hair loss can be genetics, harsh treatments/overuse of heat tools, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and aging. Excessive hair loss can lead to Baldness. You need not to worry about the baldness because there are many solutions to this problem. There are many home remedies and tips to manage your hair loss. You can opt for medicinal treatment and if you are on the advanced stage of hair loss there is the option for hair transplantation and other hair restoration treatment. Looking for hair transplant in Chandigarh! Kabera global leading hair transplant clinic providing an effective and quality result at the affordable cost.
    Thu at 3:07 AM
  • bea mattressfabric Functional fabric-----flame retardant fabric The flame retardant is polymerized, blended, copolymerized and composite spun, and the fiber has permanent flame retardant properties, mainly including: aramid, flame retardant acrylic, flame retardant adhesive, flame retardant polyester, smoldering vinylon, etc. . Widely used in the military, fire, petroleum, electric power, natural gas, chemical, aviation, marine and other industries, while producing general clothing, especially children's clothing, pajamas, carpets, bedding, etc., our flame retardant fabric has been tested by SGS institutions Meet the EN11612-2008 EU standard. Website:
    October 30