Become an affiliate

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? ikr!ate is currently looking to partner with equally ambitious companies who identify with our core vision and values. ikr!ate advertises a diverse spectrum of businesses including arts& culture, entertainment, family, home, health, recreation, shopping, sports & technology and more! Users of our technology can easily plan their activities and events, whilst seamlessly integrating with their personal calendar onto our platform. Teaming up with ikr!ate offers a wealth of opportunity for maximum exposure and financial growth. Businesses who partner with us have the option of featuring their business and/or event on our Business Advertisement page. If you’re interested in becoming an ikr!ate affiliate, please contact us directly by phone at (301) 246-0000 or email at

Please note – ikr!ate has the right to approve and/or cancel any relationship that is not appropriate to the ikr!ate brand.